John Joiner Band

Wow. I have some seriousssssssly crazy weeks ahead of me (in a GREAT way, don't worry :-) so I'll have lots of stories for you when I get back (Jesh de Rox workshop, South Africa visit, etc....) In the meantime, I'm trying to get together a few posts to keep you tided over! First up, the John Joiner Band. We snagged a few shots (like 10 minutes...) of them in an old warehouse atmosphere, then lots of them live!

Sam (my hubby) is now booking shows to play with Nick McCutcheon (lots of photos to come, duh ;-) and he got up and played a song with them as well! Isn't he cute?? :-)

And one more of Sam and Wade...aren't they adorable together? Tehehe ;-)


Sam said...

Well the band pics are AWESOME!!! And the ones where I am up there are sweet!! but I would have to say the ones of Wade and I are a little inappropriate and I think they should be removed. :-)

TDK said...

I really like the location of the top two-

Sarah said...

1. Have you become addicted to Polyvore now? It's soo ridiculous! I love it!

2. I am SO excited for you and your trip to Africa! I can't wait to see your photos and hear all about it! I wish you could pack me into your suitcase =) I want to travel so bad! You are going to have a blast!

3. You can't beat $1 bag day haha! It is the best! You will have to come with me to Clay Center for it sometime ha! You would laugh at the store, it is run by older woman and is the size of a closet.

Well..I miss you! Come back from Africa and make Same host a Kelley Is Back From Africa Party. I will be there. Promise. =)

JWCfotos said...
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