County Road 5 | Live Album+Published

The boys of CR5 were up to more shenanigans! Last week we went out to the Hilltop and cheered them on as they recorded their new live album. Here's some of the shots from that night.

Two of my absolute favorite people

I'm kinda fond of these guys, though, too :-)

I just couldn't resist posting this one! This is Kris' fabulous hubby Jim, out dancing with a client :-)

In related news, I've been working with several fabulous Leavenworth magazines, and this is one of the latest spreads. I'm particularly proud of this one! Check out Emily, CR5 & John Joiner!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you put these up. The ones from the cd recording are awesome!! Also, I am glad to see the magazine on there. Yep I am married to the world's most awesome photographer it's official!!

Anonymous said...

By the way my favorite is the B&W of Dust playin harmonica

Josh said...

Awesome stuff as usual. I totally need to make it out to shoot a concert with you sometime soon. Later:)

JWCfotos said...

How stinking sweet are sam's comments?! You two are precious and yes, she is a freaking off the charts amazing photographer and I'm the luckiest darn 2nd shooter EVEEERRRRRR! Wow, what an incredible magazine spread. And those shots of the recording are, well, gee...you render me speechless. :0) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Incredibly talented