Nine Lives | The Best Store EVER

Anyone who has ever come to the studio or even talked to me, most likely, has heard me mention my fabulous friend Melissa and her ridiculously cool Parkville store, Nine Lives. Nine Lives is where I get pretty much all of my sweet vintage-y things and it's sooooo much more than just an antique store. This lady will blow your mind with her creative genius. (For real.) She does home installations of amazingly cool barnwood walls (hmm...may see something like that on here in the very near future... :-), builds supa-cool lamps, paints things that you would have thrown out and makes them drool-worthy, and more.

Friday Night Fleas are a blast out there - here's a few shots from last week's shindig, complete with a performance by the uber-awesome Wilders - one of which just happens to be married to Melissa!

Melissa & Nate's ridiculously adorable daughter, Gigi


JWCfotos said...

OMG, the hotdog shot is brilliant. And loooove your details shots. Well done miss thang!

david & kimi baxter said...

vintagy stuff rules!! love love love that last shot!

Anonymous said...

Kelley, my entire family is freaking out over these shots! You made the store look beautiful and you're flattering words are much appreciated! I'm so glad you brought McHusband and you were lookin' ELECTRIC that night if ya don't mind me sayin' so! Love yer work...love yer awesome personality!!!

Anonymous said...

The pics are great as usual!!! That was a blast hanging out there are getting to listen to "The Wilders" which were awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kelley the Flea photos ROCK! You really caught the essence of Nine Lives and the wonderful people that are at the heart of it!!!
Momma and the Byrd

The Prairie Jeweler said...

Well now i have to google Nine Lives and go shop... she looks to have my style nailed!!!
Bravo Kel