Kaitlin+Charlie | Married!

I really, seriously can't tell you how much I absolutely love this family :-) I'm sure you remember Kaitlin's beautiful sister and new brother-in-law, Megan & Grant from a month ago. I was absolutely thrilled when I met this family and learned I would have the opportunity to travel to DC and Chicago...what I didn't realize is that I was signing on to work with the most fabulously kind, generous, and warm-hearted family ever!

Truly, it has been my pleasure working with all of you and I'm so glad to have met you :-) Kaitlin & Charlie, your wedding was absolutely beautiful and I wish you all the best - can't wait to shoot your kids :-)

I know Kaitlin was really excited (as was I) to be getting ready at her parents' beautiful home. Here are a few details from around the house.

I just love the dynamics between this family!

There are TONS of crazy dancing pictures (this group likes to get down :-), but I had to end on this one of Megan & Grant (see- I love ya, Megan - I didn't even post the 'fish' picture of you two ;-)


Jennie said...

These are gorgeous as always...I love the detail shots! They capture some of the smaller things that one might forget in the future.

JWCfotos said...

Incredible. You see things that could easily be overlooked and you capture emotion brilliantly. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Can you see our smiles in Kansas?!?You're unbelievable, Kelley. After your masterpiece, Megan and Grant's wedding, I don't know how you were able to capture Kaitlin and Charlie so beautifully. Truly stunning. We look at the pics everyday and share them with everyone one we know. We all agree, you're the most talented photographer ever. People are calling you the next Annie Liebowitz. And to think you shared your talent and captured the happiest days of our lives -- we can't thank you enough. We're your fans for life. Karen and Rick, mother and father of the brides

david & kimi baxter said...

you kicked me in the face on this set!!! ummm...the shot coming down the stairs? hello awesome!!! rocked it kelley, rocked it!!