Sarah+Vyas | Newlyweds!

Jen and I had an adventurous trip out to St. Louis for Sarah & Vyas wedding, but we were soooooo glad to be a part of it! Sarah & Vyas were such wonderful, gracious clients - we just love you guys :-) (In fact, they were so sweet and their party was so rockin - as you'll see - that we stayed and partied a little extra!!)

Love the way mom looked at Sarah!

Remember Kayte and Dhyan? I shot their wedding last year - in fact their one year anniversary is just around the corner! Vyas is Dhyan's brother.

I absolutely love Vyas & Dhyan's mom! How cute is she?

Told you this party was rockin!

Yes, I realize these pics are super out of focus (awesome job, photographer ;-), but I still love em! First is Sarah & I and next is Kayte & I (and sort of Dhyan ;-)

Congrats guys!


JWCfotos said...

Looove that one with her poking out from the brick wall; brilliant! And your ceremony picts are out of control awesome...that pinky grab, ughhh heart melt. And the red in that first dance is hoooot! And that flash you caught in the dancing one, yeah!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kelley,
Dhyan and I have been checking your blog everyday since the wedding, so as you can imagine, the anticipation was high....and all I can say is that it was well worth the wait! I'm still amazed by your ability to capture the mood. I can't wait to see the full shebang. You made my brother-in-law and sister-in-law look as beautiful as they really were. - Kayte Ulibarri

Josh said...

I love the ceremony shots here...great color, and I'm liking the one with the green plant in front of them a lot as well.