I've been tagged by the infamously amazing Bobbi in this fun photographer game! (Thanks Bob :-) So I'm supposed to share 8 things you don't know about me, then tag 8 more photogs to play next on their blogs. Hmmmm.....

1. I grew up showing quarter horses (that's how Sam & I met). This was an every weekend occurance and I literally have done it all my life (won my first belt buckle when I was two :-)
2. I have an abnormal hatred of getting food on my hands....absolutely can't stand eating ribs for this reason.
3. Speaking of food, I luuuuurrrvvee Mexican (but not spicy food) and have recently fallen for sushi. I could live on ice cream.
4. Other than family, growing up, I never had a babysitter. Ever.
5. I can make a clover with my tongue. I can also fold it back on itself (without my teeth) and touch my nose. Freak of nature.
6. I have an odd collection of glassware (old bottles and jars) and can't resist buying them if I see them around.
7. I am freakishly obsessed with efficiency...I even plan out trips around the house to minimize my steps taken....I have a 'correct' method for preparing baked potatoes and cereal that 'makes the most sense'....I basically drive anyone crazy who works with me! Hmm....I may be just a bit OCD, huh?
8. I love Mel Brooks movies (I'm watching Young Frankenstein right now).

There! In Bobbi's trend, everyone leave a comment and tell me something I don't know about you!! :-)

My 8 to tag are:

(Heather and Dustin, Bobbi already got ya or you'd be here :-)

1. Bruce Snell
2. Nikki Gravatt
3. Jasmine Star
4. Shyla Dalirifar
5. Jan Garcia
6. Kate Mefford
7. Becca Spears / Tyler Wirken
8. Jessica Roark


Jan Garcia said...

Nice!!! Thanks for the Tag! :) And btw...my favorite Mel Brooks flick is High Anxiety. For some reason, I still remember it to this day.

Kate Mefford said...

I can do the tongue clover, too! Yea! We are both circus freaks! =) Ha ha!

Nicole Renee said...

I can't do the clover thing and I think the only movie by Mel Brooks I know of is Space Balls -- it was pretty funny.

I love Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Bobbi said...

my favorite KC photographer is Kelley :)

kristy said...

tag you're it. you're one of my top 8 bloggies that i watch regularly...i love your work so much. the only down side, is i wish you would post every day. i crave it! check out my blog for details, tho it looks like you've already been tagged!

<3 kristy

Misty said...

New to this tag thing. Will have to wait. I am going to be referring some your way Kelly. LOVE your wedding work!