More Seattle fun

Yeah, you're probably all already sick of hearing about Seattle, but too bad - my blog :-P I stole this video from Shyla - how cool is this? This is from a really fun trip a bunch of us took to a parking garage...sound exciting? Oh, it was :-) Check me out shooting these!

This next work of art is from Fred's blog - how cool is this?? I so already miss everyone!!! (Click it to enlarge)


Shyla said...

Yay!!!!! This is so fun... who cares if people are sick of hearing about Seattle... it rocked our socks :)

and in true yearbook tradition....
Have a great summer... stay true to yourself, K.I.T

lol ;)

The Prairie Jeweler said...

Bring it on girl! Just remember me if you need someone to haul your bags around on your next trip!

it was like Karate Kid does the Matrix... kewl!!! ;-)

jennifer longaway said...

hi kelley! it was fun to meet you last week. i learned so much shooting with you and shyla... you girls are awesome!

Jeremy R. VanAndel said...

Any chance those shots will show up in regular sizes on the blog? The ones toward the end of the video clip are amazing.

Keep them coming!


Kelley said...

Shyla - You're hilarious - hugs and kisses!

Michele - I don't know if any one city could handle us together... :-) And the Matrix/Karate Kids were Shyla (the comment above) kicking and Dustin (a 'Steller' KC photographer) getting kicked.

Jen - Miss ya already!

Jeremy - Thanks!! And yes, they're due to be blogged any minute now :-)

Paula said...

Great job on the video. Looks a lot like our first Seattle Strobist garage shoot where all we did was jumping. Too bad we didn't have a video cam for that one.

Found this in the Strobist Blog comments.