Back from Seattle!

Hey everyone - sorry to be so absent lately! I just got back from attending the Anti-Workshop in Seattle last night and had SUCH a good time!! The Coopers and the Boutwells were soooooooo inspiring and genuine, not to mention the host of other fabulous photographers in attendance. I really had a great time and met some awesome new friends! Here's just a handful of some of my new pals and I. Next post will contain some of the sweet "real" pics we took out there.

Me, Dalisa, Chenin & Heather (and yes, Heather is actually licking Chenin's face in the last one...she's so weird).

Dalisa's husband, the infamous and ridiculously talented John Michael Cooper. This is the guy credited with starting the dress trashing trend, but he's so completely humble and down to earth! What an inspiration...

Jason and I. Jason's from Canada and has some great shots - one of which you'll see on the next post...of me!

Another ridiculously talented person who's incredibly grounded (usually ;-). Jesh de Rox and I. This guy has been winning award after award lately and totally deserves it.

JMC and I.

Jasmine Star & I - she's too sweet for words!

Jesh, Dustin (one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, and waaaaay talented - also from KC), Heather, and me.

The one and only Doug Boutwell and me.

Fred Egan, amazing Dallas photog and I.

Jamie, Kate & I - how much fun are these girls? And they're Nikon girls too!

I absolutely loved Lisa - she's such a doll!!

Me and Dustin lookin' hot! ;-)

Waiting for the always late (and always crazy) shuttle back to the hotel - Fred, Jesh, and Mark.

Me and Heather being our usual selves.

Gorgeous and fabulous Shyla


Kate Mefford said...

Such a pleasure meeting you, girlfriend! Had a blast hanging with you at the AW in Seattle. You are a brilliant talent, and I look forward to keeping up with ya! Hugs!

Jason Leon Clark said...

Hey Kelley!

It was really good to meet you, I had a blast in Seattle jumping around and shooting on the back of taxi's! ;)

Blessings, Love, and Peace.

Jan said...

Kelley...so cool to meet you. You are an amazing photographer and a sweetheart to boot! I look forward to seeing all your work. I'm inspired by you and everyone else at the ANTI. Take care, Jan.

Kelley said...

Hey guys!! It was great to meet you three, too! I already miss everyone!!! Ok, so I've got Kate on my bloglines now...J & J - where are your blogs???

Jasmine said...

Awww, seeing these images make me miss everyone! :( Hope you're doing well!