Fun times at the open house

Thanks to everyone who came out for the KPD open studio on Sunday! We had so much fun (and even more food :-). Of course I didn't get to take as many pics as I should have, but here a few we managed to catch through the day.

The incomparable Katie and I.


My fabulous assistant, Renee & I.

From left to right, me, my mom, my Aunt Mary.

My neice and protege, Paige and I.

Me & Jason.

I love this shot of my friend Rebecca!

The delicious cake made by Joe-it's my logo! How cute!

Joe! I do have to give credit, too - the following pictures were all snapped by Paige - thanks for your help darling!

My darling hubby, Sam - he's probably going to kill me for posting this (especially since with all the hubbub we didn't manage to get a shot together :-( Thanks for all your help honey!

I wish I had a better shot of him, but here's Peter hanging out with Katie (laughing at Jason, if I remember correctly). Peter owns a fantastic videography company, Kairos Moment - you should check him out!

Ashley & Robbie - they are going to do a seriously cool dress-trashing shoot with me in June!

Kris, my new studio manager, hiding behind the flowers!

Erin, me, and Gen hanging out with my doors :-)

Masoom, my graphic design professor and I.

Some of my favorite clients! L to R - Kelly (Hayden's mom - more pics of him to come soon), Debbie (Kelly's mom, Hayden's Grandma), me, Betsey (Katie's mom), and Katie (I shot her and Matt's wedding last September).

Awww, mother-daughter pics! Speaking of which, if I had a mother-daughter pic day, would anyone be interested in coming...?


Michele b said...

Looks like it was a smashing success!!!! I wish i could have made it... maybe you can give me the VIP tour Thursday! Cant wait to see you then!
Tell the hubby... great pic..LOL

Ashley said...

The place looked great! And it was good to see you again. =]

Ashley said...

Oh and I love the mother daughter pics!

Bruce L. Snell said...


Wish I could have made it up, but obviously... I didn't. Looks like you guys all had a great time!


Amanda M said...

Looks like your open house was a lot of fun! Sorry I couldn't make it out.

Mother-Daughter pics sound like a blast! I'd possibly be interested!

Stacey said...

Wish I could have made it! Silly honeymoon getting in the way. ;) So you do dress trashing photos? I may be interested in that!

rebecca said...

Sorry I couldn't make it--looks like you guys had a blast, and congratulations again. I'm all about the mother-daughter pics if you decide to do them.