Pictures....with me in them!

Hi everybody! I'm already slacking on my blogging resolutions, as my sister in law has been so sweet to point out...oh well - I'm trying! :-) I do have an excuse though - KPD will have a brand spanking new studio soon, so I've been doing a lot of work toward that. Hopefully the studio will be ready to shoot in by May! It's going to be pretty cool - no Sears portrait style studios for me... :-)

Here's a couple shots from a session that my best friend (since 3rd grade), Kristin & I did with the fabulous Heather Cole. Big thanks to her for taking such fun pics of Kris & I. Also a shoutout goes out to the beautiful Karen, whose engagement photos you'll be seeing soon. Karen's hot bangs were the inspiration for my new 'do - do ya like?

Kristin nabbed this fun shot of Heather and I...

...and you know I couldn't resist taking a few....


Bruce said...

Nice photos. Who's Heather Cole?


Heather (Bench) Peeke & Karen Benson said...

Kelley- Karen and I (Heather Peeke)just saw your bangs here at work, one word.....SMOKIN'...so we decided to drop you a line and tell you how fabulous the pics are!!!

Kelley said...

Awww, thanks guys!!

Bruce - Heather's just some gal I picked up on the street. Not bad w/a camera, huh?

Heather said...

Listen here - this is Heather in full effect..

I'm not just some gal on a street, I'm just some gal on the ONE AND ONLY street called DESIRE.

Okay that was retarded...I know.

Love you guys. Thanks again for letting me take these pictures Kelley!

Love ya